Syriske Filmdager

Syriske Filmdager Lillehammer

Syriske Filmdager er en omreisende festival som viser ny syrisk film. På Lillehammer vises filmene 8. og 9.november.

Før krigen var Syria et fredelig land med et komplekst og mangfoldig kulturliv. Syriske Filmdager har til formål at vise diversiteten i Syrisk kultur, gjennom nye, aktuelle filmer laget av syrere. Filmene spenner over mange emner. De gir et innblikk i en variert og rik kultur og et innblikk i filmkunst fra en del av verden, som vi kjenner alt for lite til.

Om filmene:


Toub el irra

Regi: Leen Aifasal

Dokumentar, 2018

We follow 80-year-old Susu, whose 7 children have fled Syria, and she has to move from Damascus to Dubai to her daughter's family. However, her second daughter has been granted asylum in Norway, and Susu travels to Beirut to say goodbye and maybe see her for the last time. The daughter has to leave her teenage son in Beirut as an illegal refugee, but can she do it for her own safety? All the while Susu longs for her home in Damascus, where she wants to die in the house she has created with her family for 50 years. A poignant tale of human eye-level about identity, and of being faced with a series of inhuman choices that are beyond their control, and which must be taken in the midst of a discord between emotions and harsh logic in relation to all that is left behind, versus saving his life. In an interview to Alarabiya TV, director Leen Al-Faisal tells that this documentary is based on a real story that deals with her and her family, even the participants in the film are Leen's family members.


Regi: Orban Wallace

Dokumentar, 2018

Another news story was filmed during the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. Wallace's film follows refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos, to Hungary and Croatia and throughout Europe for a hope of a better life.

The film shows a journey filled with physical effort and dangers, bureaucratic and political obstacles, and tons of uncertainty. The British instructor also focuses on the world media, whose task is to cover the humanitarian tragedy that comes before them. With the chaotic 24/7. professional objectivity. Is it possible to distinguish between a good story and sensationalism? Or confused, are you just looking for a new news?